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Remember to file your claim to the insurance company within three calendar days after an event occurs.

Filing claims for auto and healthcare insurance

If you need immediate assistance (road assistance, legal or other), please call your insurance company at the numbers listed here:


How to file a claim?

In case you need to file a claim, you must report it to your insurance company within three calendar days after the event occurs.
The loss can be reported by any person that knows it happened or that has a relationship to the policyholder. There are specific forms to be filled for each type of insurance and for each insurance company. If you can’t find the required form, please contact us immediately for assistance.
In case of a medical expense, you will have to present supporting documentation of such medical expense. If for any reason, you need a non-urgent medical procedure, you have to give notice to your insurance company at least 72 hours in advance of such procedure. The insurance company will then let you know how much it will be covered.

Required documents to file a claim for auto insurance

For the policyholder or car owner:

  • Auto claim form.
  • Copy of Identification document.
  • Copy of license, and identification document of whoever was driving the car at the time of the accident.
  • Copy of car registration.
  • Police report (if available).
  • Complaint report (if available).
  • Copy of RUC (for business only).
  • Copy of identification document and designation of company’s legal representative (for business only).

For the third party (if there is one):

  • Copy of car registration (if not available, present a copy of the sale contract).
  • Copy of license.
  • Copy of identification document.

In case of partial loss:

  • Unique Vehicle Certificate (Certificado Único Vehicular) from Agencia Nacional de Tránsito (ANT).
  • A certificate from Registro Mercantil stating that no taxes are owed.
  • A clear color copy of a identification document and vote certificate for both the insured and spouse or partner.
  • Original car registration (must be valid and must show policyholder’s name).
  • Copy of registration payment.
  • Copy of car keys.

Required documents to file a healthcare claim:

  • Claim form signed and stamped by the doctor.
  • Medical expense invoice.
  • Prescription.
  • Detailed pharmacy invoice.
  • Exams order.
  • Lab invoice detailing each exam.
  • Copies of exam results.

For follow-ups*:

  • follow up form and/or a copy of the last compensation.
  • Any new expense invoices.

*The new expenses must be related to the original claim, otherwise you will have to submit a new form.


  • In case of emergency, please submit Sheet 08 – Emergency Entry Form.
The insurance company holds the right to ask for any additional information or documentation that it feels necessary to process the claim. Such could include your medical history, among others.

If you need more information on how to file your claims, please contact us immediately at:

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